Deborah is an extremely knowledgeable and professional person who listens with the utmost of care, understands the values you possess and uses her skills to pinpoint exactly where you would fit within an organization.  It is a pleasure to work with Deborah.  I highly recommend her as someone to truly work closely with in your current and future endeavours...........Trigve Vickers (Learning Consultant)

Passion!  You will know what I'm talking about as soon as you meet Deborah.  Her relationship building skills are extraordinary, her professionalism exemplary, and reputation impeccable.  I highly recommend Deborah.   Bonnie O'Toole

I had the pleasure of working with Deborah in hiring a number of senior account executives and sales managers over the course of 2-3 years (at Bell Aliant).  Deborah was a true professional who was well prepared and ready for each recruiting engagement.  She screened respondents well and consistently selected the best potential candidates in each and every search we worked on together.  I developed a confidence in Deborah's abilities and judgment.  I would strongly recommend her as a recruitment partner.   Alfred Whiffen (VP Sales & Marketing)

Deborah is an extremely experienced and knowledgeable professional in the field of career coaching and human resources management.  Her enthusiasm, positive attitude and overall approach to life are truly inspiring.  In a very short time with Deb, I gaining invaluable knowledge and insight to advance my career.  I strongly recommend Deb as a career coach.   Regina Seymour

Deb has the greatest capacity of anyone I know to accomplish massive amounts of high quality work while building solid relationships in the process.  She is a strategic thinker with vision and the unusual ability to also operationalize her vision.  She has a strong network of resources available at her request and is successful at anything she puts her mind to.  She is launching 2Motiv8U and I will be watching its evolution and growth closely.  If you are looking to make yourself - or others in your organization - interview ready, send them to Deb and be prepared to be amazed.   Kathy Jourdain

Deb and I met while I was working at Saint Mary's Universtiy and have since continued to grow our relationship.  Deb is a very driven and passionate worman and this shows anytime you have the opportunity to collaborate with her.  I am grateful for the feedback and encouragement Deb has given me over the past months and look forward to continuing to develop our relationship in the years to come.  Thank you for your support and being an amazing business woman in Nova Scotia, the Maritimes and beyond.  Meghan Swim (Marketing Director at BrandWeb Marketing)


My experience with Deborah at DJ Lohrenz Coaching was different. I'm a adult male who was going through a divorce and needed some input on men's rights. I knew I needed a lawyer and have one but also wanted some real life experience input. I was referred to Deborah just to talk about my situation. She did not give me legal advice but recommendations on things that I would never had looked at or thought about. Her input was about what I should and should not do and why and she helped protect me in so many ways. I also just needed someone to talk to and not have it cost me a fortune.  I can't give my full name because of my situation. Mr. P. (Halifax)