What We Offer

Why DJ Lohrenz Coaching & Consulting Inc. and 2Motiv8U?

We are passionate about helping people! We want to create a great experience for you. We offer a unique opportunity to meet your needs/wants! We will not pressure you. There is no power selling to hire us - what we do is listen to you, provide you with suggestions/recommendations and how we may assist; and the decision is yours on how you want to proceed. Should you decide to proceed with us, we will work with you for as long as you want. If / when you decide you want to cease with what we offer, we will celebrate your success and your strength to move forward. And, we will thank you for using our professional services and let you know the door is always open. Why? Because YOU matter!

VISION: To help people understand and reach their potential and to awaken the power within. To help people realize their talent and to have fun.

Convenient and confidential location for individual sessions (office can accommodate up to seven participants).

  • Have more than seven participants and need a larger location - we have access to Board Room in a great downtown location
  • Weekend sessions can be accommodated
  • Virtual assistance
  • Professionalism
  • Strong administrative and managerial skills


Why look elsewhere when you can get what you need at DJ Lohrenz Coaching & Consulting Inc. and 2Motiv8U Training!


Career Consulting & Coaching


  • coachingAre you new to the job market? graduate from University or Community College who is wondering what those next steps are towards a successful career?
  • Are you business professional who is no longer excited about going to work and are now considering a change?
  • Have you been affected by company restructuring and downsizing and are wondering what steps to take to get a new career?
  • Have you upgraded your skills and you are ready for a new challenge?
  • Are you preparing for an interview and want to understand the process from a professional recruitment consultant?
  • Are you preparing a cover letter and resume and need professional input?
  • You have questions about personal branding and goal setting and where to begin?
  • You are wondering how to remove those internal and external roadblocks to success.
  • You are successful in your present position, but you want to feel more fulfilled.
  • Make a personal commitment to love what you do, and do what you love - today! Helping you understand and recognize those important steps that are the key to your success!

    Life Coaching

    • TLife Coachinghe mind is everything - what you think, you become.
    • Achieve balance, meaning, and purpose in your life today!
    • Life can present many challenges and roadblocks. Do you sometimes wonder if there is light at the end of the tunnel? Do you feel stuck and demotivated and are wondering if someone really understands how you are feeling? Are you hiding your true feelings from your family and friends and are unsure of which direction to take or who to talk to?
    • Do you want more fulfilling life; but you need help uncovering what that is?
    • Do you need a sounding board – someone who really understands and can provide meaningful insight? Discover your inner strength – your potential. You are worth it! See testimonials.
    • Take control of your life – Life Coach can’t do this for you, but we can help you identify and overcome those obstacles that are in your way.  Helping you get from where you are to where you want to be! How to be more positive in your daily life - Work, School!

    Separation and Divorce Coaching

    Separation and Divorce Coaching: Divorce is all around us. When couples end the relationship, it can be very challenging and emotional. As Divorce Coach, we are here to assist you in identifying and overcoming obstacles throughout this process. We are not lawyers, psychologists, or marital counselors and we do not provide legal or counseling advice. We work with you to resolve the conflict that can be part of ending the relationship. Communication can be challenging when emotions are high. We are here to help you be constructive in your communication needs - we work with you to turn potential harmful communication to constructive communication (Verbal and Written). We are here to help you stay out of the court system. Divorce Coach is a confidential party that can work with one or both individuals. An agreement must be signed committing to the process and if the court system is the only way to go, you must agree to not use any of the information discussed in any of the coaching sessions and your Coach cannot be subpoenaed to testify on your behalf.

    As Separation/Divorce Coach, we DO NOT communicate with any children involved in the process.

    2Motiv8U (Training / Workshops)

    • Communication (the foundation for every business) and Beyond Rapport Building
    • Customer Experience - It's not just customer service anymore
    • Behaviour Event Interviewing - Helping management staff learn this interview process and for interviewees who want to understand the process
    • Goal Setting - Understanding your values
    • Business Etiquette - Working with all Generations
    • Please contact us if you have a specific need - we have many training programs

    Specialized Training / Workshops - Chiropractic Office Assistants (COA)

    • Chiropractors and Chiropractic Assistant Training -Please contact me for more information.

    Consulting/Contracting Services

    • Professional HR Consulting
    • Recruitment
    • Interview Preparation
    • Cover Letters, Resumes, CVs (review and input)
    • Editing
    • Training and Workshops (see 2Motiv8U) (Individual and Groups)


    • Face to Face Confidential Consultation: $25.00+HST for30-45 minutes (Let's find out how we can help you)
    • Life/Career Coaching: $85.00+HST for the first session (1.5 hours) Needs Assessment
    • Life/Career Coaching: 2-4 sessions $75.00/hour / 5 or more sessions ($70.00 hour - prepaid) +HST
    • Professional Speaking/Presenting: Please contact
    • Student Pricing: 30% reduced fee Coaching Sessions only - does not include the consultation fee
    • Cover Letters, Resumes, CVs
      • Resumes review and verbal feedback/suggestions: $35.00 + HST
      • Cover Letter/Resume review and verbal feedback (2 Page Resume): $50.00 + HST
      • Cover Letter/Resume/Curriculum Vitae) (2 page CL and < 3 page CV): $75.00+HST + $25.00/hr to make written amendments
      • Face-to-face consultation to discuss Resume/CV/Cover Letter needs: $35.00 hour +HST
    • Proofreading and editing of any large document/article/magazine: $65.00 hour + HST
    • Family pricing available for Career and Life Coaching

    Training and Workshops (2Motiv8U)

    • Individual Pricing available
    • Corporate: $75.00/hr plus expenses (preparation, supplies, travel, etc.)
      • Documentation Preparation for Training Purposes: $85.00/hr + HST
      • Supplies: Purchase of Supplies are charged per store prices (receipts provided). Travel time not included
      • Travel Per Km: .58 for the first 5000 km and .52 after 5000 km

    Chiropractic Training and Workshops

    • Please contact for pricing.

    HST is not included in the prices.